professional profiles

Steel and Metallurgy, Machinery and Projects, Consumer Goods, Foodstuffs and Fashion

Steel, Machinery & Projects, Consumer, Foodstuffs and Fashion, are only some of the areas in which we have invested developing professional skills of high profile.

The core business has always been oriented to run freight forwarding and logistics of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, ensuring service excellence in a variety of sectors.

Different products require specific solutions, with this in mind we have provided, through continuous research and development, a range of services adapted to the profile of each of our clients, allowing us to become the trust and cooperation partner of leading a company in constant expansion.

Boriani has over 30 years of experience in the service of Italian and foreign steel and metallurgical industries.

We are in the main Italian operator, we offer the Customer the full gap logistics shipping both import and export, we take care of the operations of loading and unloading of products, shipping to the delivery and distribution of goods by truck or train to the jobsite that it is in the national territory or abroad in taking care of all problems and demands.

For normal logistics of steel products, we use the port facilities and warehouses for the specific needs of the largest buyers and international trading, with cranes especially suitable for sorting and charging promoting the sale of products “just in time” and lowering drastically all handling costs and the risks of damage.

This category of shipments Machinery & Projects often deals with larger than normal, we see in the market for a long time and we offer “turnkey”.

The types of services we offer range from heavy structural facilities-system components, from the presses for stamping parts of cars to industrial machinery, from the tanks to the most common cases, by valves or transformers machines and much much more.

The fleet and staff dedicated to this branch is formed by the collaboration with logistics partners with proven expertise and leading companies in international transport. We race on par with competitors in the sector, in many contracts, acquired by the Italian companies leading the field of oil & gas and construction, as well as manufacturers of industrial equipment, or heavy equipment and critical dimensions for transport.

In the consumer market with a broad range of solutions tailored to customer needs and the characteristics of the treated product.

We manage a variety of products including household appliances, toys, furniture, products for the person and for the home. The management of the value chain in a sector as complex, characterized by short product life, aims to improve the flow of processes, reduce time to market, lower costs, resulting in an increase in profit margins.

Boriani is a partner in logistic large, medium and small companies of consumer goods for designing and building their business the best solutions.

The Foodstuffs Division specializes in the transportation of goods from all over the food sector including wine and beverages of all kinds.

We handle shipments at room temperature, and refrigerated and controlled for all destinations worldwide, ensuring maximum protection of the product without interruption of temperature as required by HACCP and using the most suitable carriers for routing and transit time.

We cover the entire flow of the “supply chain” thanks to the ‘in-depth knowledge of the issues and customs of land, sea or air which made it possible for companies throughout the country to carry out projects designed and tailored ad hoc according to the needs of the customer.

In the Fashion sector we offer integrated solutions in the field of transport and logistics in the world of textile, footwear and fashion.

Our mission has always been to offer tailored solutions and highly customized for companies, we make reality, every day, thanks to a group of operators, partners and specialized companies that share the same values​​.

Companies that need a partner who can meet the needs of transportation, shipping and logistics based on their needs. Decades of imports and exports of industrial products, tissue roll, semi-finished or finished products, clothing and footwear that have allowed us to develop a deep experience in shipping management.